It is no longer a child but is our “Mascot” of service. 🙂

Introducing the AndrĂ©, our Trainee! 🙂 Out here a few weeks ago “to” … the time has come to reveal to the World!

Andre has been a precious help in creating Web Sites, will in such a way that started at WordPress released and is already concentradissĂ­mo with code! “Get ready, because the journey has just begun and you will have a few more months of work with us ahead.”

Entering the moonop (omegacs group) is not for anyone! Always give precedence to who offers very specific skills …. We don’t know if was secret but since there was no “usual” Let’s now publicly reveal their most secret weapons:

Morning greeting: “OI, OI!”

Powers: Andre can type faster than the shadow of his own fingers. In fact, we hadn’t we sure it was a keyboard, we swear we had hired the Beethoven or Chopin.

Addiction: Milk with chocolate Milbona (purchased at the Agency, after living together continues with the Group of healthy!):)

Weakness: Andre can’t resist the temptation to obtain, at any cost, the new stickers on the continent. Angry Birds FOREVER! < 3

“Well, all of this is not to wish you a good DAY and you continue your GOOD work!!”

Keep going.

Kisses and Hugs from Team